The Pico Maccario Winery was founded in 1997 in Mombaruzzo (Piedmont), on a property of 100 hectares of vineyards in one piece in the heart of the Barbera d’Asti DOCG appellation. From the beginning, brothers Pico and Vitaliano Maccario have chosen modern methods to manage their vineyards and produce wine, due in equal parts to their personal taste and young age of their winery.

The rose has always been the symbol of the winery. 4500 rose plants of the same cloned variety have the dual function of marking the start of each vineyard row, and – a traditional use – of signaling vine-threatening diseases before they get the chance to do damage.

The presence of these thousands of rosebushes creates a beautiful walking experience between the rows of Pico Maccario

The Pico Maccario vineyards are planted in Barbera for 88 hectares,  Merlot and Cabernet for 2 hectares each, Chardonnay for 2 hectares, Sauvignon Blanc for 2 hectares, Viognier for 1 hectar, Moscato for 3 hectares , Freisa and Favorita for 2 hectares each. The hills of Mombaruzzo, clayey and medium-textured, give rise to variegated and balanced wines, with a modern and versatile style, produced with the aim of respecting the original characteristics of the grapes and the vineyards of origin.

Aging takes place in steel, large barrels or barriques, always pursuing the direction of the maximum search for quality and respect for the original features of the fruit.

The Pico Maccario winery has always dedicated a large part of its resources to technological innovations and research in the vineyard, with the conviction that every change, if well calibrated, can be the origin of an ever-increasing quality of wines.

PICO MACCARIO  –  Via Cordara, 87 – 14046 Mombaruzzo (AT) ITALY – Tel 0039-0141774522 Fax 0039-0141775814 –infopicomaccario@picomaccario.com